Sunday, May 10, 2009

Valentine Patterns

Welcome to my Valentine Pattern Section!

All patterns are $8.00 with FREE shipping to the US.

Heart Head Doll
18" heart shaped head. Needle
sculpted nose, lots of painting with
vintage linens used.

Cherub Wall Hanging
8" tall with needle sculpted nose
and lots of hand-painting. Glass
Glitter and Feathers are accents.

Queen of Hearts & Princess Valentina
25" & 12" tall. Patterns includes instructions
for both dolls. Heart shaped heads with needle
sculpted noses and pencil drawn faces.

Valentine Queen
24" tall with a round head and
needle sculpted nose.

Flying Rabbit Make-Do
14" tall and placed on a wooden candlestick.
Change saddle out for the different seasons.

Seated Cupid
13" tall with needle sculpted fingers and
toes. Round head with needle sculpted nose
and eyebrows. Pencil drawn face.

Heart Pin Keeps
12" tall and pattern includes instructions
for both hearts. Placed on vintage hog scraper
and bobbin.

St. Valentine
29" tall with needle sculpted nose and
needle felting. Lots of hand-stitching.
Wired arms and needle sculpted fingers.

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