Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring Patterns

Welcome to my Spring Pattern Section!

All patterns are $8.00 with FREE shipping to the US.

Mama Bella and Baby Bunny
16" tall and placed on a wooden candlestick.
Stitched noses and painted face.
Hand-stitching on jacket and sculpted paws.

Lucy Bear Doll
23" tall and on a wooden candlestick.
Sculpted paws and vintage shoe button eyes.
Stitched nose with sweet dress!

Walter & Willa Bunny
23" and 26" tall. Stitched on eyelids and
lots of needle sculpting. Pattern for both dolls.

Flap Jack and Baby Cakes
14" and 6" tall. Lots of needle sculpting
and pencil drawn on faces.

Shamus the Leprechaun
24" tall with needle sculpted eyebrows
and nose. Penciled face and needle felted
hair and beard.

St. Patrick
29" tall and tons of hand-stitching. Needle
felting and penciled on face.

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