Sunday, May 10, 2009

Halloween and Fall Patterns

Welcome to my Halloween & Fall Pattern Section!

All patterns are $8.00 with FREE shipping to the US.

Witch Aggie

25" tall with needle sculpted nose and painted

on face. She has stitched lips and stitched on trim.

Wired and sculpted hands and needle felted hair.

Black and White Witches

20" tall and on wooden candlesticks. Round

heads, painted on faces and needle sculpted noses.

Stan, Stan the Vampire Man

16" tall with painted on face, sculpted nose

and painted body. Arms are wired to fold in

or open wide!

Pumpkin Princess

27" tall with painted and sanded body. Sculpted nose

and hands.

Headless Jack

24" tall and can be displayed with his head on

or off! Great colonial style and lots of details!

Peg Leg Jack, the Pirate

23" tall with a round head and individual

fingers. Peg Leg, Eye Patch and needle

felted hair.

Fritz, Black Cat Pumpkin

16" tall with painted and sanded body. Needle

sculpted nose and eyebrows and wired arms.

Pumpkin Head Masher

19" tall and placed on a vintage wooden

masher. Painted and sanded with stick stem.

Jumpin' Jack Flash

11" tall Pumpkinhead boy jumping

over a candle.

Ichabod's Midnight Flight

14" headless doll riding a crow. Placed on

a wooden candlestick.


Doreen said...

Kathy..these are all just WONDERFUL!!!!!


laughingdollstudio said...

Hey Kathy! Hope things are well with you....I love looking at all your dollie pictures. You definitely have your own style and I would recognize your work anywhere!! Sending lots of creative love and best wishes for your latest endeavors!!