Sunday, May 10, 2009

Americana Patterns

Welcome to my Americana Pattern Section!

All patterns are $8.00 with FREE shipping to the US.

McKaila & Uncle Sam
24" and 12" Doll Set with round head,
needle sculpted nose and drawn on face.
Wired and needle sculpted hands.

Round Head Uncle Sam
28" tall with needle sculpted hands, nose
and eyebrows. Drawn on face and needle
sculpted hair, beard and mustache.

Glory Be!
19" candlestick doll with round head
and drawn on face. Wired fingers and arms and
needle felted hair.

Sally Sam
24" wife of Uncle Sam. Needle sculpted
nose with drawn on face. Wired and sculpted
fingers and arms. Layers of fabric for clothing.

Non-round head Uncle Sam
25" tall with needle sculpted nose and
drawn on face. Needle felted hair, beard,
and mustache. Wired hands and arms.

Patriotic Cupboard Dolls
Instructions for both dolls that measure
9" tall. Needle sculpted noses and drawn
on faces.

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