Sunday, May 10, 2009

Primitive Patterns

Welcome to my Primitive Pattern Section!

All patterns are $8.00 with FREE shipping to the US.

Springtime Raggedy Ann
As Seen in Doll Crafter & Costuming Magazine
Stitched on nose, button eyes, stitched face.
Needle sculpted hands and stenciled legs.

Seasonal Flip Doll
19" long with a Prim Raggedy on one side
and a snowgirl on the other. All year round

Raggedy Ann Doll
17" tall with a round head and painted on
face. Drawn on leg stripes and hand-stitched
on raggedy red hair.

Black Mammy, Tracy
22" tall round head and needle sculpted nose.
Individual fingers and sculpted toes.

Tea Time Raggedy Ann
27" tall with a round head and stitched on face.
Sculpted fingers and wears baby shoes.

Mama and Baby Cat Set
25" and 12" tall. Lots of needle sculpting.
Pencil drawn on faces and sculpted paws.

Vintage Style Girls
22" tall with needle sculpted noses and
drawn on face. Needle felted hair.

Giraffe Pull Toy
18" tall and lots of painting. Needle felted
mane and wooden wheels.

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